Boom: jmfisz – DeeMist Instrumental #drumandbass #dnb #electronic

Been a while since we had some drum and bass, to let’s rectify that with an instrumental version of French artist jmfisz’ DeeMist. The original is obviously a paean to illict substance use with a slightly typical drum and bass vocal sample. For me, the vocals overwhelm what is a rather cool tune behind. So, the instrumental version is a welcome addition. It opens with a lovely sense of parping dub before some mean bass arrives along with some razor beats. This all carries you off into the land of throwing shapes. I’m favouring something akin to star jumps here. Leaves you with a big dopey grin.

DeeMist (vocal)

Or on Bandcamp

Blurb: Born in 1977, he started to play the piano at the age of 7 and was quickly on stage playing for carritative initiatives. After a few years involved in alternative indie-rock and grunge music, the early 90s were in France the beginning of the free-party and electronic music. Before starting to produce his own music, he also played in multiple parties. Since 2003, he likes to be involved in more personal projects but also try to never stick to a particular genre of music. Recently he published 2 Hip-Hop eps in which DeeMist (Instrumental) has been taken from before removing the vocals and publishing this pure instrumental mix.

~ by acidted on October 14, 2018.

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