Cute or creepy? Kh3rtis – Joey Likes to Play Alone #chill #postrock #downtempo

I can’t work out whether this is cute or creepy. The ‘this’ is Kh3rtis’ track Joey Likes To Play Alone. The tune is a load of Americana slow guitar and electronic backing full of widescreen intention. That’s nice and drawly but what really makes this track fly is the sample. Kh3rtis says it’s “A guide to something we have all struggled with at one time or another: making friends.” There’s a bit of a psychedelic or haziness to it all that leaves the listener just a bit disorientated. That’s a good hting.

The sample is comes from an old educational video played to primary school kids in 1950s America. Kh3rtis says “The track itself was inspired by a recent trip I took in the mountains of Vietnam. A big group of us went but I knew only a few. The weeks we were together we became a very close band of brothers.” And that’s all well and good but I can’t help but be creeped out by this. There’s something slightly sinister about her voice. It’s like the start of a horror film that gradually unfolds that why Joey doesn’t have any friends is because he tortures them to death. You decide – cute or creepy?

~ by acidted on October 15, 2018.

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