Saturday synth selection from Jake Kaiser, JohnT and Shealisa #synth #techno #house

A triple set for this morning from Jake Kaiser, JohnT and Shealisa. Lots of synths on this trio but also a lot more besides.

Jake Kaiser returns with the spectacularly misnamed Introspection. Anyone expecting something downtempo and delicate, forget it. The track is nothing of the sort. It’s a big, bold, fabulously dance floor tooled splash of joie de vivre house. The synths may start quiet but they soon spread their wings and lift you up to see the heights. Beats tumble like the rush of an oncoming military force. Walls are broken, bass booms. Glory is achieved. Valhalla beckons. Love this track.

JohnT returns with Lights. He’s from France so the Daft Punk comparison points are lazy but kinda apt. This is Daft Punk if they weren’t so arch and were aiming for something a little more synth pop than French House. It’s all about the bouncing twanging synths. A rush of euphoria and a bass line to keep everything grounded. Play loud. Very loud.

Shealisa is a first-timer here from the USA. The track is Heavy Duty, the opening track from the TheFlow album. It’s a big dollop of melodic hefty synths. But without an obviously 80s stylistic debt. A self-confident track that swaggers around your urban neighbourhood with just a touch of the spacey sci-fi to its tread. This is that bit in the film when the hero has won and surveys the mean streets just conquered. Close to fade.

~ by acidted on October 27, 2018.

2 Responses to “Saturday synth selection from Jake Kaiser, JohnT and Shealisa #synth #techno #house”

  1. Thank you for posting our track, you rock! ❤

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