Sunday softness with Ziino and Tusha #ambient #lullaby #electronic

A couple of barely there tunes with Ziino and Tusha. Some ambient fraglity for your Sunday morning.

Ziino is well known around these parts for his ambient IDM work. But this is alittle different to that. Lullaby (Intro Mix) is a bit more soundtrack-y. A bit more orchestrated whilst remaining electronic. It’s a truly delicate tune that gently finds its was through a lead synth piano line that keeps suggesting its about to disappear into nothingness but never quite does. Like the mist in the forest it is forever out of reach yet suggestibly touchable. Gossamer electronica.

Tusha’s new here. It is Toronto-based artist Marlin Tusha. He’s classically trained in piano and guitar and there’s some of that classical structuring in the approach to Accolaide (sic). This also has a bit of lullaby about it. A slight backward sounds to things keeps things a bit strange annd allows the track some room to wander along its own path among the harmonies. The random falling of a leaf to earth. It’s airborn but always descending, even when it gets momentarily psuhed higher. Perhaps you should take advantage of the clocks changing and retreat to bed for another hour of so. Night night.

Taken from the album Insouciant

~ by acidted on October 28, 2018.

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