Monday’s Culturally Sanctioned Reality with Nozzlin, Waxlife and erikmillergalow #ambient #psychedeic #chill #downtempo

All too often people are told they don’t live in the real world. What is the real world? Is there such a thing? Don’t we simply mean we don’t understand other people or other people’s lives? Or is there no reality? All too much for a music blog. Here’s three ways of looking at ambient and downtempo reality from Nozzlin, Waxlife and erikmillergalow.

Sweden’s Nozzelin is a first timer here and offers Virtual Unreality with a bit of sampled sixties musing on the nature of reality from Terence McKenna. This is accompanied by a bit of 90s ambient beats and some lovely sixties organ-type sounds. Gives a delightfully chilled psychedelic feel to it all. Let Nozzalin help you break through the bounds of this world into the musical essence of others.

Erikmillergalow is from Ann Arbor in the US and offers much more than we remember.  After all, if memories are constructs of chemical impulses how can we be sure what we remember is real any more than what we see. Perhaps it’s simply a function of the particular dosage we are experiencing. Well, whatever the dose I’m experiencing this track sounds just fine. A gentle synth laden ambient start gives way to all manner of epic epiphany and beat momentum. A rippling track that bowls you along. The track is taken from the album fluorescent.

Finally, Waxlife from Italy. After all that speculation about states of being, this just wants you to Breathe. The calm after the storm. Some chilled piano and some clattery IDM beats propel this along. It’s a wistful inward journey of contemplation. A little bit of dub house flavours the track helping it slip down seductively. Breathe is “First single taken from Waxlife’s debut album “Patterns” due to be released in the UK in January ’19.”

~ by acidted on October 29, 2018.

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