A bit of light and dark from Khåen and Vacant Lake #sdark #liht #chill #house #electronic

A couple of tracks this morning that appeal to the light side and the dark side from Khåen and Vacant Lake.

Norway’s Khåen first. This is the light side. Third Evangelist is some delightfully uplifting deep house. I think the third evangelist was Luke but have no idea how that connects to this track. Never mind. What we have here is a five minute sermon of house. This starts with the small things, as everything should, before reaching skywards as synths grow and ultimately soar. The beats aren’t too full on, so this doesn’t need a dance floor to make perfect sense. Even manages to make time for an earthly pause before reaching up again. This is almost symphonic in places. It revels in the glory of everything that is good in electronic music.

On the other hand, Germany’s Vacant Lake (Beres Jackson) wallows in the gloom of the dark side on Running. And that’s equally enticing. There’s a bass noted approach. A moody sense of stygian gloom. It’s wonderful. It’s so Berlin dahling. The track has an intensity and a focus that drives it forward relentlessly. There’s a techno ambient feel here that doesn’t need hard or tumultuous beats to make its point.

Taken from the album Surface

~ by acidted on November 3, 2018.

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