Last Ronin, Interrex – Intergalactic Highway #synth #drumandbass #dnb #electronic

From the UK comes Last Ronin, Interrex (what is it with leftfield dnb that adopts Japanese warrior names?). The tune is a wonderful mix of slightly 80s synths styles with the driving force for drum and bass beats.

A rōnin (浪人) was a samurai with no lord or master during the feudal period of Japan. A samurai became masterless from the death or fall of his master. Interrex meaning between rulers. The track – Intergalactic Highway – starts with the call to arms of epic synths before drum and bass beats come thundering forward as if a stampeding horde, laying waste to all before it. This is like some kind of period war game with everything turned up to 11. It’s bloody brilliant.

~ by acidted on November 6, 2018.

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