Unsettled with Shirty and Oswald Mueller #ambient #electronic #experimental #techno

Prepare to be a bit unsettled by this pair of offerings from Shirty and Oswald Mueller.

Shirty first, from the UK with Wave Patterns from Shirty’s debut album Find Me Here. The tune offers the slow tick of a grandfather clock alongside some buzzy faraway electronics that subtly unnerve. Eventually, melody arrives albeit in a tentative fashion. But the ache of anxiety never quite leaves. A tune that refuses to be unhurried or respond to the attention deficit generation. Languidly lovely.

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Next, we have Oswald Mueller from Germany with To The Moon And Back. Thiiis is acid flavoured ambient techno. Shares a stately demeanour with the other track. But offers a compelling intensity and claustrophobic demeanour. The bass is the thing here. Comes in omnipresent waves that never end. Delightfully gloomy.

~ by acidted on November 7, 2018.

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