Triple chill with Ben Stitt, Chill Cosby and Jesse Sewell #chill

A triple helping of chilled music to help me face the last day of the working week. It’s been a long one so I’ve got Ben Stitt, Chill Cosby and Jesse Sewell along for company.

First, Ben Stitt who’s based out of LA. We get a track taken from his debut EP In the Dawn of my Days. The track is Outro. It’s a thing of gentle and soft beauty. A hushed drone accompanies everything. A little guitar, some piano and wispy harmonies. An endless feeling crammed into two and a half weightless minutes.

He says “On this EP I’m trying to understand and comprehend the transition from being a carefree child and teenager into an adult, and how one of the most pivotal event during that period of time, falling in love for the first time, will affect the person you will end up being.” Romance your soul to this.

Chill Cosby is a bit of an awkward name all things considered. But there’s nothing awkward about the beautifully delivered motionless. Some temple bell chimes and the weight of eons accompany rolling beats. There’s an urgency and heaviness to this that belies the title. Hip hop beats scamper everywhere until bells return us to centredness. All is again calm.

Or on Spotify:

And to end, Jesse Sewell from the USA. On Ultram he takes slo-mo hip hop beats, a bit of echo and a one note piano. It’s all married to some softly sawing strings to deliver a spectacularly horizontal track. This is definitely one of those that you will want to go for on repeat- provided you can summon the requisite energy. And that’s by no means certain. Trance inducing stuff.


~ by acidted on November 9, 2018.

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