Let’s have a cheery start to the week with MYNN #synth #chill #downtempo #electronic

It’s been well over a year since we had anything from New Zealand’s MYNN, so let’s rectify that with a couple of tracks from the new album Healing (available on Bandcamp at name your price).

First, Technicolour. This is a sweet little downtempo techno house tune, full of bobbling synths and hushed beats. There are little bits of chip tones and some lost background wailing. It’s all very primary colours and the warmth of a late autumn sun. Nothing too fierce just gently cosseting and soothing your soul.

Next, slowly does it. This is a more introverted track. Looks down an inside with descending tones and a lack of opening beats. They do arrive eventually but the track doesn’t get any more forceful. A babbling brook of a tune that carries you along and away like a Pooh stick emerging from under the bridge. Allow yourself to get lost from view.

Get Healing on Bandcamp

~ by acidted on November 12, 2018.

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