Epic ambient: Walter Mmari – From Beneath They Came

South Africa’s Walter Mmari returns with From Beneath They Came. This may or may not be about the end of days and the destruction that will ensure. I’m thinking Revelation 9:11 “A king, the angel of the bottomless pit; whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek Apollyon; in Latin Exterminans.” All a bit apocalyptic for a rather fine track but music has a power beyond words. Any how, we get strings that hint at a monumentality as they saw away. There’s also any manner of bassy or lower key tones. But what saves this track is the guitar line that weaves trhoughout. Offers a bit of hope. A bit of humanity. A bit of redemption.

The full text of what Mr Mmari provides for the track is “In the end days, Abaddon joins us on Earth to torture all of the lost souls. As Abaddon arrives from above, his minions rise from beneath us and thus begins the torture with no death. We can avoid this painful episode by finding ourselves, being the best versions of ourselves, and not drifting around Earth aimlessly. We are all created in our creators image, and our creator created us so that we too can create. Nature has all of the answers, all beings with life become the best versions of themselves, no one tells flowers to bloom, they do because that is what they are.”

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~ by acidted on November 16, 2018.

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