PM’s playlist: Nctrnm, Wake Before The Alarm and Sergi Odikadze #ambient #chill #house #electronic

It’s finally the weekend after a bit of a collectively stressful week in the UK. The on-going psycho-drama of Brexit got turned up to 11 with the publication of the Withdrawal Agreement, resignations aplenty and Theresa May doing wall-to-wall media for 24hrs. Gotta admire the stamina. Here’s a triple helping of music, if like the PM, you need to relax, reframe and refocus for the week ahead from Nctrnm, Wake Before The Alarm and Sergi Odikadze.

Nctrnm may have no idea what that intro was about, being from the USA. He is an electronic producer, songwriter, and graphic artist from Jurupa Valley, CA. The track is the delightful Hunter. He offers that it “is a downtempo song composed in G Major at the tempo of 100 BPM.” Accurate but not really letting you know how curious this is. It’s an ambient IDM track but starting, unusually, from a drum pattern that bobbles along. There are a range of drum sequences and background syth sounds that have a strangely calming effect. Like watching those executive toys of the 70s where metal balls swing back and forth clacking into each other. The spotify release comes with Driver. This ia a more synth driven chill piece.

Bandcamp (name your price)



Next, Wake Before The Alarm. From Japan (ゆるりとネットを漂うトラックメイカー。) the tune is Noir. It’s a lovely chilled piece, full of soft jazz elements and a sense of fun and abandon. This ripples and preens itself ready for the night time. Glad to be alive this tune skips lightly across life’s problems, making for the further shores of hedonism and a glass of fizz.

Third, from Georgia Sergi Odikadze. It is said that All Is Vanity – indeed it’s a title of a picture by Charles Allan Gilbert. But here we have Vanity as something far less self-regarding. This is more introspective. It’s chilled electronic of the hushed, almost not there variety. It’s beautiful in its unassuming way. It wraps itself around you, not with bombast but with warmth, with humanity. This track wants you to find a way to appreciate the day and being alive to experience it. I know that’s not always easy. But give it a go.

~ by acidted on November 17, 2018.

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