Techno Sunday with BigBadBaz and Martin Den Hollander #techno #electronic #house #experimental

A couple of techno tracks for Sunday from BigBadBaz and Martin Den Hollander.

BigBadBaz is from the UK. According to LastFM “BigBadBaz (born Barry Christie on 3rd September 1983) is an English born dance music producer. Barry was born in Sunderland, Tyne & Wear but spent most of his life living in Northamptonshire.” But I recall him better as a bootleg artist on late lamented GYBO in the early noughties.

Here, he returns with Base 60. It’s something that’s kinda techno, kinda experimental and kinda dub. That lack of genre focus may make it harder for an audience to identify with the track but it is a lot of fun. A big smear of fuzzy bass distortion acts like jam in helping the track’s other elements stick together. On one half of the sandwich there’s stabs of dubbed house piano and hand clap beats. And on the other half a jaunty bouncy air. Get your bass on with BigBadBaz.

Next, Martin Den Hollander who rather wrong foots me by hailing from Bielefeld, Germany. His track Buelt is “a tribute to Techno and all those never ending nights in clubs…” That’s great and I’m all up for that. However, the track starts off in a stabby dubby deep house vein. It’s a whole bunch of anticipation and dub techno. This isn’t lost at 3am hammered beats. It’s a more after party come down following a long night. Perfect kitchen techno.

~ by acidted on November 18, 2018.

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