Not fitting in with Jonny Element and ANGRKD #triphop #electronic #dnb #drumandbass

A midweek wander across trip hop and drum and bass genres with Jonny Element and ANGRKD.

Jonny Element first with a sort of trip hop track in Balete. But sort of not. This is far more expansive and experimental than trip hop wuld have you imagine. The vocals are classic trip hop angst but fractured into mere shards. The beats aren’t quite hip hop but do have a tribal sense to them. There’s guitar which twangs around periodically. And holding the whole thing together is some insistent bass drum giving the track depth and presence. Jonny says “Balete is a tree found in the Philippines that is believed to house magic creatures.” There’s certainly plenty of magical thinking here.

Next, ANGRKD (Dennys Mura from MontrĂ©al, Canada) with the drum and bass flavoured Sad Machine. Most drum and bass, unsurprisingly, is about either the drums or the bass. This is neither. This is all about the wall of synths that’s pasted on top of the liquid dnb beats. Gives it a euphoric, hedonistic, intense synthwave feel that’s brilliant.

~ by acidted on November 21, 2018.

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