Let’s go experimental with JAF 34 and LL321 #experimental #electronic #idm #ambient #glitch #drone #newmusic

There are infinite numbers between 0 and 1. But you only get a pair of experimental tracks this morning from the numerological JAF 34 and LL321.

From Czechia comes JAF 34 with The End. An ominous almost operatic or religious opening choral drone signifies nothingness. The empiness of our existence. Our insignificance in the face of the cosmos. But the mood then changes with hopful synth chords rising as we realise that however vast the cosmos our egos are larger still. We’re still content to think of ourselves as the most important thing there is, has ever been, ever will be. Satisfied, we grunt, fiddle with our phones and sink back into the sofa. The track meanwhile becomes ever more beautiful, with bass and piano turning to a chilled ambient dreamland.




LL321 is from Brussels, Belgium. A former punk and skateboarder he has been moving into electronics. This is music as art. A challange from the machines. A glitchy, anxious, Ep called Corps Vidés. This is literally ‘bodies emptied’ but more approximates to corpses. An EP epmtied of humanity. The music is all machine. Not the silky smoothness of that AI of our nightmares but the more obviously mechanical of steampunk or the industrial age filtered through electronics. Things squelch, creak, rattle and shver. LL321 says “The titles of the songs come from crows gods or crows accompanying gods.” All the better to peck our your eyes and liver.


Blurb: LL321: Organism genetically modified and owned by Saturn Corp (c) Brief reminder on Saturn Corp (c)

No doubt you are aware of the merciless battle on copyright that’s going on among the music majors on this planet, as well as of the tug-of-war that is opposing talent scouts. Some of them would grow and design talent within greenhouse castles, others would send out their agents in order to recruit, live in prime time, fitting members for their prefabricated bands.

The Saturnians, however, have found a solution of their own to deal with this problem: the LL implant, a true miracle of genetics and computer science. Once inserted into a living organism, the LL device analyses whatever sound stimulus it encounters on its course. Another part of its program was designed to record, transform and reproduce all audio data considered of decisive importance by the operating system. There is a diabolic efficiency to the LL implant, as it is uninterruptedly scanning for new, interesting sounds. We all know what became of this invention. The Saturnians have been implementing LL modules into the spinal cord of newly borns throughout their solar system for centuries. The sound data has been used for intergalactic radio broadcasting as well as to fuel the hottest dance temples in thousands of galaxies.
The current LL series have a biological intelligence plug-in which enables its carrier to develop bigger-than-live music skills. Since the appearance of these LL3xx devices, no one can deny Saturn Corp’s (c) technological supremacy any longer.

~ by acidted on December 4, 2018.

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