The Micronauts – Dirt feat. Mohini Geisweiller & Mike Theis #electronic #idm #glitch #experimental

We had the premiere of Polymorphous Pervert from the Micronauts’ new album Head Control Body Control a couple of weeks back. Here’s another from the album that was too good not to post. Where the previous track I said was not for the faint hearted Dirt is nowhere near as challenging. It’s a glitchy IDM track, of course. And defiantly leftfield. But it still has a way with a melody that is never subsumed by the more twisted electronics that surround. This track shyly soars heavenwards.

Blurb: The Micronauts is the leftfield techno and acid house project of French DJ and producer Christophe Monier. His new album “Head Control Body Control” is a flawlessly produced and utterly engrossing multi-genre project, drawing influence from his long journey through the electronic music scene and taking cues from both sonic pioneers and current innovators. “Head Control Body Control” is The Micronauts’ third album, and the first for more than a decade since 2007’s Damaging Consent. Ranging from leftfield techno and acid to house, bass, electronica and indie dance, it is an extraordinarily rich and diverse record; one that reveals fresh nuances and sonic delights with every visit.

~ by acidted on December 11, 2018.

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