Ambient two ways with Jessie Woolston and Lwke #ambient #chill #electronic

This may be the morning after the night before. I’m writing this before the Brexit votes that should have happened yesterday. Whatever the place we’re in, I think we could all do with a bit of a break courtesy of Jessie Woolston and Lwke.

Jesse Woolston (AKA Koronis) from Auckland, New Zealand, was here a month back with his minimal album µstructure. Today, a new Nova EP from which I’m featuring Wave Remnants. If that all seems a bit comic then you’d be right. Jessie says “The Nova EP and Wave Remnants highlights the expansive state of the universe.” The track is exquisite. Gently swelling strings mark the almost endless span of time. This track expands as the universe does. Before it then contracts or whatever. String theory. Alternate universes. Parallel dimensions. All time existing at once. It’s enough to make your head explode. Except Wave Remants calms that chaos and invits you simply to look on in wonder.

Nova EP

And so to Lwke from Chicago and the track Sometimes Always Never. He says his influences are Boards of Canada and he makes music when he should be sleeping. This all seeps through into the music. It has that small hours feel. Everything is slightly constrained. Neverous of making too much noise. But with a delightfully organic feel to the electronics in a way akin to that achieved by BoC. There’s a central melody surrounded by the creak of floorboards and the whirring of toys. The sounds of a house breathing and lightly groaning as the temperature changes. Lovely. Taken from the A Fools Errand EP.

A Fool’s Errand EP on Spotify

~ by acidted on December 12, 2018.

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