Ambient triple with Saros, Amos Roddy and sad face. #ambient #chill #electronic #drone

A triple helping of ambient this morning from Saros, Amos Roddy and sad face.

A welcome return to Saros with Reflected Melancholy from Late Night Walks. A mournful warped synth meander. A vapourwave glitter of teardrops falling on a night time pavement. Three minutes of sadness and desolation. Because life is hard and you just have to deal with the loss. Rippling synths are where it’s at.

Next, Amos Roddy with Driftwood. A track from the soundtrack of Kingdom: Two Crowns. I’m so old school, I assumed it was a film. Of course not. It’s a video game. Driftwood is really rather hauntingly beautiful. There are no beats here. A little medieval fluts sounds and lots of drone tones. Lost on the beach. The mood of high scudding clouds.

From Australia comes sad face. I think the full stop is part of the name, not simply the end of the sentence. No idea why. The track is a handful of hours from the ok bye ep. There’s the crisp crunch of beats and crackle of surface noise. It’s an almost 80s experience with steel guitar and almost clarinet sounds in a new wave ambient style. A sensitive  journey into the melodic brevity of time.  There’s no future but this on an endless loop. Waving you goodbye.

~ by acidted on December 18, 2018.

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