House trio as Christmas draws near: Janne Porraskorpi, Adam Helder and taibhseil #house #techno #electronic #newmusic

A triple helping of leftfield house from Adam Helder, Janne Porraskorpi, and taibhseil.

First, an end of year stormer from Adam Helder. Vying with James Brown as hardest working man in show business he releases the rather fabulous Clara. I know not what she has done to deserve such a track but I’m glad she did. This is the sheer beauty of melodic techno with a streak of melancholic sadness. This has a darkness at its heart with profound bass parps behind the melodic synth stabs. Right gorgeous.

From Finland comes Janne Porraskorpi and Catharsis Bandwagon. It’s a curious beast, mixing some clattery IDM electronica with early 90s piano house. Hardly surprising that Janne says “It was a great moment to be able to incorporate that early 90’s style rave/pop piano that was so prominent in London at the time. I have the fondest memories of childhood, growing up as a kid in Wimbledon.” Although the IDM is strangely retrained there is the cheery abandon of the piano stabs to offer contrast.

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Finally, taibhseil a musician and producer based in Cambridgeshire England. Claims to be writing “simple songs about complex things.” Information Society is a slow house number, focused around rolling synths and half heard samples. It wants to know how you feel about being part of the information society? You should ponder the amount of your data now owned by service providers large and small, the nature of democracy in a nudge society, and the role of trolls and hackers. Meanwhile, the track flows ever onward in an increasingly intense series of zeroes and ones. If a managed no deal is a unicorn to be slayed, this is a phoenix on which to be burned. Deeply beautiful experimental synth house.



~ by acidted on December 19, 2018.

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