Dwntempo Christmas from Matthew Jennings, Taavo and Heatwaves #downtempo #house #electronic #newmusic

Three downtempo tunes that make it feel a lot like it’s Christmas from Matthew Jennings, Taavo and Heatwaves.

We’re in the run down to Christmas now. It’s all work parties, prosecco, inappropriate behaviour, vomiting in the street and crying on the night bus. Which is where Matthew Jenning comes in. For the Christmas bit. Not the crying on the night bus. Though he may do that. Who knows? Anyhow, he’s come down the chimney with his version of Carol of the Bells. It’s a delightful version. Captures the wonder of Christmas with a light electronic dusting, lots of strings (mandolin perhaps), handclaps and tin drum beats. I love this.

Next, Taavo is back with stocking stuffer Moonlight. A lovely bit of delicate techno. Fully of Christmassy ripples and blips. This one is going to wait up for Santa in the moonlight. A seven minute wide-eyed techno wonder. Beats are crisp as fresh snow and drone tones fresher than a pine forest.

And so to Heatwaves who offers the downtempo charms of Fantasy. This track is featured on the KRAFTED Records (London/Los Angeles) Chill Volume 3 compilation. It’s a lovely piano led chill track with a bit of almost dubstep whomp bass that manages to sound sympathetic, rather than out of place. Acts to give a bit of solidity to otherwise ethereal sounds and the “fantasy” sample. Mid-way through there’s one of those pauses to stop and stare, slack jawed, before it takes off again. Like aural tinsel this glitters in candlelight.

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~ by acidted on December 20, 2018.

One Response to “Dwntempo Christmas from Matthew Jennings, Taavo and Heatwaves #downtempo #house #electronic #newmusic”

  1. Some good stuff there but oof, the night bus at Christmas.

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