Leftfield electronica with Dark MTTR, Badvibes and Mellowdine #leftfield #electronica #instrumental #downtempo #newmusic

Three tracks that take a more leftfield path for this bright morning from Dark MTTR, Badvibes and Mellowdine. Two UK artists and one from MExico.

Starting with the first UK artist Dark MTTR (Rob Leary from London) offers Cat Like Beast. Starts off a bit post rock with those taut guitar strings and a bit of thrumming bass. Even some shakers. THere are layers upon layers here and the loose vibe gives it an almost house quality. Doesn’t quite cut loose to become the dance floor monster cotained within. But it’s no pussy cat, it’s a delightful home listen.

Next, Badvibes from Mexico. The track is La Narea and is available as a free download. This has a deep deep bass to die for and a synth sprinking to watch the stars. There’s some wordless wailing later on but that only adds to the otherworldliness of the track as it flies ever higher. A beautiful leftfield techno house offering and not a latin house cliche in siight.

Finally, back to the UK (albeit from Germany originally) for Mellowdine and Electric Future. A bit of cello(?) opens the track before giving way to open mouthed wonder. The beats eventually translate into something approaching hip hop but without ever quite getting there. A bit of the melodic approach of Kolsch even comes along in the lead line. A magpie of a tune but only stealing the best bits. Delightfully done.

~ by acidted on December 22, 2018.

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