Kid Koala – Allotropic #downtempo #minimalelectronic #newmusic

How was your Christmas? I hope Santa brought what you wanted. Some socks and shirts for me. A family get together with distant relatives. Some Lego for the younger generation and a worry about the passing of the years for the older one. For anyone who’s feeling a bit fragile or simply a bit maudlin here’s a gentle track from Kid Koala.

Kid Koala (Eric San) is from Canada and is someone I associate from their 90s remix work with Coldcut and Ninja Tunes. He was quite the scratch turntabulist back then. Allotropic is the track. Allotropy or allotropism is the way that some chemical elements can exist in two or more different forms, in the same physical state e.g. carbon can be diamond or graphite. I’m not sure how that links to this beautifully chilled track. This is a much more mellow work than my exposure to his previous work wuld suggest. It floats with an almost ambient blues feel to it. Soft rich sounds play around in the background while a lonesome guitar(?) sits across the top. Time passes. But softly. A winter wander in snow.



Blurb: Today, visionary scratch DJ and producer Kid Koala (aka Eric San) shares “Allotropic” an instrumental track off his upcoming album Music To Draw To: Io. The new album, the second volume in the Music To Draw To series, is a collection of transportive electronic and ambient creations featuring the captivating vocals of singer Trixie Whitley on six of its eighteen tracks. “Allotropic” reflects Kid Koala’s mastery of atmosphere, using a wide array of unique instrumentation to conjure a magical veneer of winter music for the cosmos. Music To Draw To: Io is out January 25, 2019 via Arts & Crafts on double vinyl, deluxe sketchbook CD, and digital formats – pre-order now.

Kid Koala details his creative process at the National Music Centre (NMC) in Calgary, where “Allotropic” and much of the record took shape: “If you’re a little obsessive about sound like I am, visiting the NMC is like being a kid in a gigantic audio candy store. They have some of the rarest keyboard instruments in the world (even dating back to the 1600s). I had already begun work on the instrumentals for this instalment of the Music To Draw To series, so I decided to spend most of my time in their Live Room B “sound lab,” an entire floor of the building that houses an incredible collection of electronic instruments, effects and synthesizers.

~ by acidted on December 26, 2018.

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  1. That’s lovely. Hope you had a good Christmas.

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