How did I miss this? Slam – Athenæum 101 #ambient #electronic #techno

Occasonally I wonder why I still do this blog after nigh on eleven years. There’s lots of good stuff but fewer tracks than in the 90s that really make you stop what you’re doing. As for albums? Hardly ever. And then, just once in a while. In a rare, rare while something really leaves you open mouthed. The new album from Slam is one of those.

Athenæum 101 came out towards the end of last year. Not sure how I missed it. Slam are Scotland’s premiere techno exports. Been around forever. Consistently good. Produced the classics Eterna and Positive Education. But ambient, not so much. This album therefore breaks new ground.

The title of the album is unexplained but refers to schools of learning. The original Athenaeum was a school (ludus) founded by the Emperor Hadrian in Rome, for the promotion of literary and scientific studies and called Athenaeum from the town of Athens, which was still regarded as the seat of intellectual refinement.

Athenaeum 101 is not an album in any usual sense. There are tracks but not really. It’s a totality broken up into phases. There’s a blended whole to the album, so I’m posting the continuous mix. One hour and one minute of deep ambient techno. Some dub and a lot of heart and soul.

That emotional component is borne out by Slam’s Stuart McMillan, who says, “This album is quite personal for me as I’ve had a challenging year in more ways than one, so this has been a very cathartic and emotive process for me. It’s also an escape from purely listening to Techno and being involved in producing Techno mainly for the dance floor for the most. Most people maybe only see and hear that side of Slam, but as with most people, there are many sides.”

Stands up with classics such as Global Communication’s 76:14. It really is that good. Enjoy.


~ by acidted on January 2, 2019.

One Response to “How did I miss this? Slam – Athenæum 101 #ambient #electronic #techno”

  1. I shall check this out forthwith

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