I’d never thought about the line connecting Basic Channel and Deadmau5: with Garibe and Edge Split #house #dub #techno #melodic #electronic

The two tracks I have for you today made me think about the connection between Basic Channel and Deadmau5. A line that connects the minimal dub techno of BC to stabby progressivisms of DM. Here’s a couple of tracks that in some sort of way fill in the dots between these poles – Garibe and Edge Split.

Garibe is from France and on Paste offers something that is close(ish) to Basic Channel’s dub influences but has more of a spring in its step. This has some lovely dub techno dubby stabs and the cleanliness of Carl Craig type Detroit techno. Although I’ve peppered this para with references to other people this is very much Garibe’s own thing. It twirls in its own little dubby techno spotlight.

Next is Edge Split from Poland. Heat Death is from his Slow Movement EP. This is far closer to Deadmau5’s Strobe. It manages that same thrilling dubbed build up but without quite surrendering to the lure of the Big Room as Deadmau5 so often does. The peak on this at 1:30 is a beautiful thing. This is happy, happy, joy, joy and needs bottling as a scent. It wafts positivity, a flick of the hips and good vibes. Surrender now.

Slow Movement EP

~ by acidted on January 7, 2019.

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