Strange Brexit days needs strange sounds from Plant Eater and Wenchi Rue #electronic #chill #downtempo #experimental

Brexit. Is there any escape from it in the UK? seeminly not if even an electronic music blog is going to talk about it. A bit. Only to the extent that it’s a very strange world right now. A postponed vote by the Government. Coming back next week but without any certainty that it will pass. And an unclear sense of what that might mean. These two tracks from Wenchi Rue and Pant Eater feel like they reflect that in their awkward air and edge of strangeness.

Plant Eater returns after a gap of two years with Heart. This is a combination of chill and IDM. The overall mood is downtempo but with the twist of backwards sounds and real instruments pervading the track. A slightly anxious sitting on the edge of the sofa sense to it all. Cleverly done.

Taken from the album Welcome To The World of Tomorrow

Next, a new artist Wenchi Rue from Taiwan. The track is Dancing on the Slow Train. Of the track he says “I want it to be a soundtrack vibe. A bit low key and subtle.” It doesn’t quite deliver on that. And that’s a good thing. This is a track very much in its own right. No sense of this slipping into the background. A nice chilled ambience but also with something a touch strange. Perfect for flossing slowly on the Jubilee line or dabbing on the Northern line. Go try it.

If you like what he does you can buy him a coffee here.

~ by acidted on January 12, 2019.

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