Triple techno tryout from bedez, Butch & C Vogt, and Raskal & Reiche #techno #house #electronic #newmusic

Three techno tracks today from bedez, Butch & C. Vogt, and Raskal & Reiche that want you to be dragged along in their wake.

Bedez is Bedirhan Özdiker from Turkey. His track is Universe which offers us a dark and stygian version of techno. You can sense his metal background lurking around the approach here. But there’s also a properly electronic approach and even a bit of welcome acid to offer flashes of brilliance in the darkness. This is all about mood and that enveloping sense of dread and power that techno can really offer.

If we’re doing some techno then it’s kinda compulsory to have a track from Germany, its spiritual home. Today’s German offering is Butch & C Vogt. The track is Live At RJ. No idea why that is so, but this is a techno of shimmering brilliance. The synths oscilate in the beats. It’s a bit psychedelic in the first half of the track tending towards the house / electronica end of things. A crystalline delight. But it takes full advantage of its 9 minute length to up the pace and intensity in the second half but without losing that lightness of touch. THe close out takes me back to more Balearic places as it gently lets you back down to earth. Exceptional.

Finally, Interconnected from US artists Raskal & Reiche, who are also Southern Exposure Music label heads. The track has a definite house streak and even hints at a bit of disco. It’s all glitterball and strobe. This is aimed firmly at a dance floor. This is good time techno house music. But it’s no mindless peice of hedonism. There’s a careful and skillful construction to the track. Takes you on a journey, as all good techno should. Ae you ready for departure?

~ by acidted on January 15, 2019.

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