A game of two halves with Pursohn and Jonathan Lim & Iterations #altrock #techno

I watched the Arsenal v Man U game last night. A first live TV match for my Arsenal loving son. And a rude intrduction to the cruel tyrannies of supporting a team. A game of two halves is one of those football cliches much beloved of commentators and pundits. But I did think of it when posting this pair of tracks that have seemingly little in common. Pursohn does alt rock and Jonathan Lim & Iterations do techno. If there’s a connection is in the strength of the tracks.

Pursohn is a producer from London and says he is “Using all kinds of recorded material to create instrumentals.” Wasteland is the track and is a brilliant football ‘highlights reel’ backing track. It’s full of the hope of every football fan and the glory of the brilliant goal. But it has the sense to have moments of pause and wonder and the slight deflation that even when you know the result you see a goal go in against your team. Not just for football, a superb piece in its own right.



Next, the techno. Jonathan Lim & Iterations offer Meeting With Destro. This is acid techno but with more than a little rock in its darkened soul. They say “this is an acid techno instrumental influenced by industrial and rock styles.” Even has live drums by Eric Garwood (aka, Iterations). Gives it a bit of a Hardkiss feel, for those with long memories. This buzzes and batters its way around, destroying everything in its path. A vortex of sound into which you are drawn.

From the Toaster EP

~ by acidted on January 26, 2019.

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