Joor Nitth – ’90s Eurodance Megamix #cheese #fromage #käse #house #pop

It’s Saturday night and if you’re planning a big night out or even if you’re staying in but pretending you’re going out you might like this none-more-cheesy 90s Megamix from Joor Nitth. Even comes with one of those awful covers that in a #metoo age ought to be banned. Nostalgia like it was 1995.

Joor Nitth explains “After years without anything new to propose, nauseated by the ever-worse quality of today’s music, I decided to give a damn about styles and coherence and I produced this megamix with some of the best Eurodance of the 90s (Italodance, mostly) for the sake of good listening. Yes, sometimes it was commercial and cheap but also uplifting, joyful and reminiscent of better times. For personal listening purposes only. Legal rights of each track belong to their respective owners. No copyright violation is intended.”

1. Twenty 4 Seven Feat. MC Fixx It – I Can’t Stand It (1990)
2. Haddaway – What Is Love (1992)
3. Snap – Rhythm Is A Dancer (1992)
4. Charlie Dore – Time Goes By (No Time Visnadi Version) (1995)
5. Blackwood – My Love For You (1997)
6. Aladino – Make It Right Now (Alternative Vocal Mix) (1993)
7. Corona – The Rhythm Of The Night (Club Mix) (1993)
8. Neja – Restless (Bum Bum Radio Edit) (1998)
9. Glam – Hell’s Party (DJ Ricci & DFC Team Mix) (1993)
10. Aqua – Barbie Girl (1997)
11. Fargetta – This Time (Sexy Night) (Get Far Mix) (1994)
12. Simone Jay – Wanna B Like A Man (1997)
13. Roc & Kato – Alright (Get Far Remix) (1995)
14. Whigfield – Saturday Night (1993)
15. Corona – Try Me Out (Lee Marrow Eurobeat Mix) (1995)
16. 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor – Never Alone (1994)
17. Alex Party – Wrap Me Up (1995)
18. Paradisio – Bailando (1996)
19. Culture Beat – Mr Vain (1993)
20. U.S.U.R.A. – Drive Me Crazy (1994)
21. JT Company – Wet (1994)
22. Cappella – Move On Baby (House Mix) (1994)
23. Ice MC – Think About The Way (1994)
24. Corona – Baby Baby (1994)
25. Le Click – Tonight Is The Night (1994)
26. La Bouche – Sweet Dreams (1995)
27. Dynamic Base – Make Me Wonder (1994)
28. Playahitty – The Summer Is Magic (Alex Party Mix) (1994)
29. Da Blitz – Stay With Me (Club Mix) (1994)
30. Anticappella feat. Mc Fixx It – Move Your Body (1994)

~ by acidted on January 26, 2019.

4 Responses to “Joor Nitth – ’90s Eurodance Megamix #cheese #fromage #käse #house #pop”

  1. Wow… what can I say? Thank you, I really didn’t see this one coming! I just thought to share it with you but never expected you’d share it with the whole world, in turn. As for the cover: I’ve been browsing through dozens of them, to reproduce that exact cheap look (we both remember woman’s buttocks were the clickbait of that era, as if women didn’t listen to music too, but oh well).

  2. P.S.: I’m fascinated by your choice, concerning the post’s artwork: the gardens of Ashurbanipal’s palace. Is it related to the (old) age of the music in the mixtape? 😀

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