Downtempo Monday with Cinnamon Shops and Chase Miller #electronic #newmusic #downtempo #chill

A downtempo start to the week with Cinnamon Shops and Chase Miller.

Cinnamon Shops is Brittany Tomaselli. She’s from the USA. Such a versatile spice cinnamon. For sweet or savory. In buns or in tagines. The track is dear spirits. It’s all chilled and has bits of kalimba and xylophone but is experimental enough to avoid the risk of being twee. Less than three minutes but packing in all manner of little flicks and touches to leave something as warming and spicey as the waft of cinnamon from a freshly baked batch of apple muffins. Dig in.


Next Chase Miller who is also from the USA. We have the opening track The Shore from his album Moments. He says of the album that its “a soundtrack for everyday life inspired by video game music.” I don’t know about you but that’s so unappealing. This is way better than that description. The Shore is a chilled, slippers on, fiddling in the drawer full of random screws, batteries and fuses that you’ve been meaning to clear out for ages. It’s a bit of the I-forgot-I-had-one-of-those kind of track. A two and a half minute diversion from the pressing problems of real life into the sorting something small but giving you a warm glow. There’s chilled synth refrains, soft beats and a bit of plinky plonky. Get a bit of plinky plonky in your life.


~ by acidted on January 28, 2019.

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