Sunday chill with luvwn and Kip LaVie #chill #electronic #downtempo

A couple of downtempo chill tracks for today, after quite a lot of techno during the week. We have luvwn from Estonia and Kip LaVie from the USA.

luvwn is Christopher Kaasik. And the track is sume. This is a head nodding chilled smokers delight. This bubbles along in its own little world, oblivious to what’s going on elsewhere. This is the contemplation of inner space, not the outside world. He says “The message with ‘sume’ is that it’s easy to miss things from your past, but you never know what waits ahead. So, keep an open mind and don’t let memories drag you down.” To remember the past but not be bound by it. Easier said than done if we are simp[ly the composite of our collective experience. A two-minute tickling of all your pleasure centres.

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Next, Kip LaVie returns with Form Is Function from This Creator. More head nodding but with extra drum wash and xylophone. And we all love a bit of xylophone, don’t we. KLV says of the track, “The melody was originally written with lyrics (The dream was nascent in me, barely born but it came fully formed). Hence “function is form.” The strings wandering on this give it a hazy dream like quality that thrills in a gentle and subtle way. Delightful track.

~ by acidted on February 10, 2019.

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