Ambient monday with Danny Klass and Field Waves #ambient #chill #electronic #newmusic

A week of trepidation. Need something a little less abrupt than is normal to start the week. Ease in gently with some ambient chill from Danny Klass and Field Waves.

Danny Klass is from Southern California and currently based in Des Moines, Iowa. I associate Iowa (not that I’ve ver been) with big mid-Western skies and bigger guns. Between Fall and Winter has a bit of that feel in the lovely use of plucked acoustic guitar which is overlaid on some neo-classical electronics. He says it is “an exploration of the spaces in between.” Gives a beautifully contemplative track which remains distinctively American.

The track is taken from the album Subjunctive, available here

Field Waves (Jonny Martyr) is from the other side of the world, Australia. But Flow shares that sense of space with Danny Klass. That Jonny has a math rock background is apparent in the post rock shoegaze feel to the track. He imbues it with a wonderous sense of space. The sounds at the edge to cleaving off from one another but gossamer like just holding together. He says of the track that it’s “A euphoric sort of thing, the sound of opening your windows after a long winter.” Seasonally Adjusted Downtempo.

~ by acidted on February 11, 2019.

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