Downtempo trio from Walter Mmari, Plex and Ethan666 #downtempo #chill #electronic #newmusic

Continuing with the chilled feel here are three downtempo tracks from Walter Mmari, Plex and Ethan666.

Soouth Africa’s Walter Mmari returns with a new track, Anoesis. The track title is an invitation to stop what you’re doing and take a bit of time out to recover and recharge, being as it is the state of mind consisting of pure sensation or emotion without cognitive content. We have slow firm beats for that resting heart rate effect, allied to a bit of almost white noise effect. The piano arrives to offer that state of pure emotion and rush of pleasure. Walter says, “Introspective thought is paramount to growth and progress in life.” I couldn’t agree more.


Next, from the USA Plex. Lounge jazz and a bit of shuffly hip hop beats are on offer on careless. It’s all done in a winning lofi kind of way that stops it all being too smooth. Jazz Club this isn’t. It’s an early evening first cocktail of the day on the porch kind of tune. Which is a bit tricky for the UK, since it’s too cold to be outside and our houses don’t have porches. But this track can make you dream that you do. Time to kick back.

Finally Ethan666 from the UK. Moonlight is the track and it has a widescreen and shyly epic intent. That may be the function of a background in film production. The track builds itself up over the first minute before it breaks in a glitter burst of euphoria. This twirls and whirls and dances alone. But it doesn’t care. A rush of joy. Dancing in the moonlight.

Taken from the Lost EP

~ by acidted on February 12, 2019.

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