Searching for the Vaporwave trail with Bad Sun Corp. and Bettogh #synthwave #synth #vaporwave #electronic #newmusic

A couple of tracks from Bad Sun Corp. and Bettogh that are scorching the vaporwave trail of synth exploration.

Bad Sun Corp. returns with some vaporwave that’s more on the ambient drone side of things. 日没 is the track. I think it means Sunset. It’s a lovely hazy track whatever the meaning. There’s a very slight sense of space dub to things as the synths bounce around. Beats don’t really ever come into sharp relief. Everything is just that little bit out of focus. And that’s just great.

From Germany comes Bettogh and Space51. As you’d expect from the title this is space synth central. Everything is much more synthwave than ambient. It’s an optimistic track with only a hint of darkness. It revels in the opportunities of space travel. There’s something irrepressibly cheery about the ascending synths that can’t help but carry you away. Fly little one, fly.



~ by acidted on February 15, 2019.

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