Triple ambient chill from NoHealer, michum and Maned Wolf #chill #ambient #electronic #newmusic

A chilled and ambient threesome from NoHealer, michum and Maned Wolf.

From Moscow comes Russia’s NoHealer and the title track from his Side Chains EP on Capiroto Records. It’s a perky mix of trance and tech house but with softer beats that leaves it flirting with the edges of downtempo. Has a great lead synth hook that really draws you into the track. There’s such an optimistic feel to the track that I’m almost (but not quite) tempted to leave pessimism behind.

Germany’s michum takes us back to something a bit more introverted on Bravo. A lovely trip hop track built in its opening phases around a simple yet effective woodblock beat. Eventually, there’s a rhodes type synth to take some of the strain but the beats never get beyond unobtrusive that leave this chilling gently. Chillax people.

Don’t get many submissions from Brazil and very few of them are in the chill space. Maned Wolf is an exception. And this is an exceptional track. Breathtaking Night Skies is the tune. Everyything is quite deep from the beats to the bass to the synths. Gives the track a bit of widescreen vastness that’s intricately realised. Maned Wolf says “This song was composed with the idea of how amazing and beautiful the stary night is. Everything seems to be exactly in the place it should be.” And everything exactly in the place it should be is the feel of the track. Not a note misaligned anywhere. Lovely.

~ by acidted on February 19, 2019.

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