Back in the main room with D-Formation, KLVB and 88756 #progressivehouse #house #techno #acid #newmusic

These tracks are suited to the main room of any club. The artists are D-Formation, KLVB and 88756. Their styles stretch from progressive house to techno and acid.

Spanish producer D-Formation offers the progressive house delights of Nerve. D-Formation is label owner of Beatfreak Recordings and has a long history of producing music. That shines through in Nerve which is perfectly put together. This offers some seriously clubbable dance beats alongside a euphoric set of synths. That combination of harder beats with the synths allows the melody to retain the faintest earthbound connection and so makes the track feel properly grounded. Impressive.

KLVB is from Italy and offers the slightly throwback title of Technotronic. This is classy techno but draws plenty on house elements. As KLVB says “It is between electronic, house, bass and techno music.” Gives the track a lightness of touch that only adds to the swagger of the bass. Ah the bass. Occasionally cuts loose to stomp all over the track before being put back in its box. KLVB says “I think it could be a great stomper for your party.” I have to agree.

Finally, New Zealand’s 88756 with Submerge. This is the track most suited to the small hours. Acid techno runs a heavy riot on this track. Offers nothing to stand back and admire. This clasps you close and won’t let go. Yes, this is machine music but it does have a heart and a soul. It pulses with life and lividity. AI be damned.

Track taken from the Human Facade EP


~ by acidted on February 21, 2019.

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