Saturday is feeeling epic with Flowen, Le Twan and Krotos #epic #synth #house #synthwave #deephouse #idm

A generally epic feel to this Saturday morning with Flowen, Le Twan and Krotos.

Flowen is from the seaside town of Bournemouth, UK. Has a lovely Oceanarium, complete with penguin enclosure. Nothing fishy about Voyage. This is an epic piece of electronica, sort of in the Jon Hopkins vein. It has a chirpy opening with crisp beats and perky string synths before opening out into something more melodic. A piece of bright optimism but also tales of the unexpected. The track is totally accessible with a bit of I-know-this-one cleverness but enough twists to also pique your interest and be a source of constant surprises. Lovely warming track.

Next, the return of Le Twan (Antoine Gautier). It’s been three years since we last heard from him. Now he’s back with Threnody. This is from his new Amagolythe EP. An unusual choice of title, since Threnody means a song or ode of mourning. It originates from the Greek word θρηνῳδία, from θρῆνος and ᾠδή, and shares a root with words such as tragedy. It’s a piece that rather belies that title. It has synths giving out chords like rock guitar allied with some forward drums. The whole thing has a swirling, epic feel to it. A shoe in for any Avengers spin off film. This is the piece for the precursor to the final battle between good and evil. Not all will survive but evil shall not triumph.

Lastly, but certainly not least Krotos. From the USA he offers Drift. This is a bit more deep house than it it anything else but still has the synths turned up to 11. There’s a wonderfully growling bass that pervades the track and keeps the airy epic synths grounded. But the mood is overwhelmingly positive, melodic and life affirming. Krotus says of the track that it “came about from a live jam with two synths playing two arps sections filtering in and out.” FTW.

~ by acidted on February 23, 2019.

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