Chilled dub from Arkee and Organic Dial #dub #chill #electronic

A couple of chilled tracks from Arkee and Organic Dial which have a bit of dub to them.

Arkee is, I think, from Italy. The track is Vankee, the opening track on Foreign Places, a compilation album on Musik Palea. There’s a delightfully soft dub on this. It propels the track along but without any hurried sense. The track is offered as, “a passionate view of melancholy and boredom.” And that kind of fits with its languid air. It’s a bit more into daydreaming than ennui really.


Next, Organic Dial. This is the new alias of John Elliott (Emeralds, Spectrum Spools) and Andrew Veres, from Cleveland, Ohio. The track is Subelan taken from the Pristiq EP. It’s a spaced out deep dub track. There’s all manner of deep, deep dark bass that throbs and pulses. It’s content to be experimental and a bit challenging abstract IDM in its own subtle way. Into the heart of darkness you go.

~ by acidted on February 26, 2019.

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