Altogether ambient with Deadstatik, and Simon Boswell, Chris Whitten #ambient #electronic #idm #chill

Looks like it’s a bit of an ambient week here. Today we have deep ambient from Deadstatik and some organic ambient chill from Simon Boswell and Chris Whitten.

Deadstatik is from South Africa and offers The Spider Web. This is very much a mood piece. It starts with plucked strings and no beats. Yet it manages to set up an apprehensive atmosphere. Beats eventually arrive but don’t lift the gloom. This is lie down and be counted ambient. Except you can’t lie down for fear that the thing that is out there from your darkest fears will get you if you relax your guard for a second.

Simon Boswell and Chis Whitten are from the UK and offer Meltdown – Circles and Ellipses Remix. This is taken from Burn:Cycle – Circles and Ellipses Reworks. Meant nothing to me but “Burn Cycle is a Philips CDi adventure video game from 1994.” The track is a lovely organic piece having something of Floating Points about it with the inventivness of Four Tet. It’s a delightful track that wanders hazily along. A lovely sunnny day adventure that belies the video game backdrop which is about a virus.

Burn:Cycle – Circles and Ellipses Reworks EP



~ by acidted on February 27, 2019.

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