Organic chill with Bartosz Ługowski and Signal Mountain #ambient #chill #electronic #newmusic

A chilled feel this morning with lots of organic ambient sounds from Bartosz Ługowski and Signal Mountain.

Bartosz Ługowski first. From Poland, he offers Strzeż się pociągu (tr. Beware of the train). And indeed it starts with the tolling bell for a level crossing along with gentle strummed guitar and only latterly some washes of electronics in the background. It’s all hazy late evening stuff. The relaxing at the end of a hard day. Sitting with your feet up. Trying to decide if it’s yet cold enough for a blanket across your knees. Or is that just me these days? This is all about letting this wash gently over you as your cares drift away.

Taken from the album Okolica

Signal Mountain are from the USA. Signal Mountain is an ambient collaboration project between Eric Setterlund and Josh McCausland. They’re apparently from Chattanooga. The track is This Curated Life. Taken from the album Familiar Trails, it’s an ethereal, beatless piece of ambient. There’s a fragility about this that it’s sometimes hardly there. Threatening to disappear if you breath on it too hard. Lovely.

Or on Soundcloud

Album on Bandcamp

~ by acidted on March 6, 2019.

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