Techno two ways from Autow Nite Superstore, and Oberst & Buchner #techno #house #melodic #electronic

A double helping of techno this morning. We have Autow Nite Superstore with some machine made music and Oberst & Buchner with some thing a bit more melodic.

Autow Nite Superstore is from Greece. But this is hardly the sound of a warm olive grove. This is much more machine music from an industrial urban environment. It’s heady with the scent of concrete and dystopia. Watching Bloom With the Social Bore is the track. It’s taken from the album Plastic Medium. A minimal sort of techno with compressed bassy beats and some higher end pads and synths. The synths ultimately allow a little organic material into the proceedings. But flesh and blood are temporary, only the decay remains.

Plastic Medium LP (Bandcamp)

Next, from Austria comes Obrst & Buchner. Despite sounding like a high end opticians they’re a techno duo from Austria. On Blank Follows Blank we have some epic techno with a melodic strain. Taken from their debut album Sfumato, the track is a richly woven affair. It bears some comparisn with early Booka Shade in the strong understated techno framework into which more glittering synths are set. There’s a clear bass intensity to it all. Less a supermarket sandwich and more a banquet of a tune.

Sfumato (Spotify)

~ by acidted on March 14, 2019.

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