Ambieent week endings with Andrew Cosentino and Cookies Slayer #chill #ambient #electronic #newmusic

It’s been one of those working weeks. As we rech the end I’m too done over to have anytign too taxing. I’ve therefore gone for a couple of ambient chilled tracks from Andrew Cosentino and Cookies Slayer.

Andrew Cosentino is from New York, USA. He offers everything that’s the antithesis of the pace and noise of the city. This is gentle, pastoral reveries. A bubbling, organic track called In Kinder Light. It’s a three minute pause and reset in your life. A basically beatless experience of chill immersion. Things wheeze and hiss in the background but what hits home is soft chime of bells and chimes and all manner of focus point. Breathe deeply and relax.

Taken from the In Kinder Light EP

Next, from Montpellier France, comes Cookies Slayer. The track is Bongo’s Mountain. If that sounds a bit psychedelic as a title, you’d be right. There’s a big kick of ambient psytrance about this. Whooshes of sound come and go among handbells, tinkling metal sounds and a clatter of drums. This is ambient set to epic. It’s a long slow build of emotion that eventually breaks.

The Banner LP

~ by acidted on March 15, 2019.

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