Downtempo triple helping from Matilda Abraham, Atroxity and Peaks of Valleys #ambient #downtempo #chill #experimental #electronic #newmusic

A triple helping of all things downtempo and ambient this morning from Matilda Abraham, Atroxity and Peaks of Valleys.

Matilda Abrahams is from Australia. She’s a vocalist and songwriter. A bit of the Feist about her. As I’ve often said I prefer instrumentals, so it’s a beautiful instrumental jam that I’m featuring. Untitled (Baby Alien Jam Session) is the name and it’s a gorgeous three minute soft set of melodies (in C Major she says). I say gthe repetition is skillfully handled such that the ascending and descending scales offer a blanket of charm and a passionate embrace. Th softness of a cat’s fur and the warmth of a baby’s comforter.

Next, from Norway is Atroxity. This track takes us outside. There’s a coolness to the synths in a style that owes something to Vangelis but without being overawed by it. There’s a background droning bass that makes you realise that all is not well in After The Fall. We’re being taken into “a post-apocalyptic landscape.” This is tn minutes of coming to terms with the future and the emptiness. The track is taken from the album of the same name.

Thirdly, from Wisconsin, USA we have Peaks of Valleys and Rivulet. A gently cinematic widescreen experience. It offers a bit of one note piano and a rush of electronics. The whole thing has a liquid sense, constantly moving. Big skies and big ambitions said softly. An optimistic sense of the future. Everything will be ok. Eventually.

Taken from The Ether Air EP

~ by acidted on March 17, 2019.

2 Responses to “Downtempo triple helping from Matilda Abraham, Atroxity and Peaks of Valleys #ambient #downtempo #chill #experimental #electronic #newmusic”

  1. “Everything will be ok. Eventually.” 😀 Love your writing style! And thank you so much for including me in this fine company.

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