Sunday wants a bit of a downtempo break, with Kawrites, Lammerfyr and Bevon WindGlyder #downtempo #electronic #chill #lofi #experimental

Too much football yesterday. Too many bits of me ache. Too tired for my usual Sunday techno. Instead, some downtempo with an experimental tinge from Kawrites, Lammerfyr and Bevon WindGlyder.

Kawrites are a French duo (Romane & Marion ) and the track is Born. This is taken from their Polaris EP which promises an introspective trip to the more adventurous. Being born is never easy and Born isn’t easy either. It’s a warped, experimental trip into downtempo and ambient. Everything is a bit out of place, from the strained piano chords, through the wakwardly shuffling drums to the wonky ethereal vocals. Ambient of nightmare proportions.

Nexy Lämmerfyr. From Denmark, he offers Places as an exploration into sound. This is downtempo as a dark and gloomy experience. There’s a wonderfully buzzing bassy sense to the track. A tingle of anxious anticipation. It crosses back and forth between techno and house but settling in neither. The darkness is undercut by a shifting palette of synths that temporarily lighten the grey but can never fully dispel it. Downtempo techno of the highest quality.

And finally, Bevon WindGlyder. A producer from Trinidad & Tobago who has been living in Germany for many years. He offers Sand. This is a wonderfully melodic track. An uplifting and yet calming trip down lost memories. He says its great background music for meditating at home. I say it is much more than that. This is no background track. Th beats have a buzzing insistence that won’t sit back. And the chiming, almost harplike lead synth offers journies far and wide. But mostly the urge to look up and out. Into nature. Away from the city. Lovely.

~ by acidted on March 24, 2019.

One Response to “Sunday wants a bit of a downtempo break, with Kawrites, Lammerfyr and Bevon WindGlyder #downtempo #electronic #chill #lofi #experimental”

  1. Very nice, all 3.

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