Leftfield dance from Body Copy and Team Cpt #house #leftfield #edm #electronic @bodycopy

A couple of leftfield dance tracks from Body Copy and Team Cpt.

Body Copy is a Nashville-based producer. And the track is Phriday. This is a slow throbbing sort of techno house. It pulses like some sort of strobe for the first couple of minutes. And then some neo-acid melody arrives to take things forward. There’s that analog early 90s feel to it all that’s so compelling. Six minutes of electronic pleasure.

Next, the return of Team Capetown. The track this time is Kuuthi Huu. I think it means To Provide This in Kiswahilli. The track is a stabbing mix of EDM synths that look dangerously like they’re about to head off into commercial EDM territory but are never allowed to get there. Always on the cusp but never quite arriving. And in the background some dirty afro-house sounds career about in a gruff unyielding manner. Proper music for out of the way places, clubs in arches and disused warehouses.

~ by acidted on March 27, 2019.

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