Warming a grey and chilled day with Brauner Bär, Duphi and Nachtaktiv & Kühn #chill #downtempo #ambient #electronic #newmusic

London is sitting under an endless white grey sky. Everything looks shades of something decorated by The White Company. And the temperature’s dropped. Here are three warming tracks with a bit of the promise of better days to come from Brauner Bär, Duphi and Nachtaktiv & Kühn.

Brauner Bär is from Germany. Like you couldn’t guess. A former hip hop DJ he offers a lovely downtempo vibe on Bearlodic. Taken from an EP of the same name it has a bit of that hip hop background in the crisp firmness of the beats. None of this horrible trebly beats on an iPhone stuff. It offers a lovely warmness in the synths that all aim for optimism without mindlessness. A bright vibrant daffodil of a tune.

Full EP here

Also from Germany comes Duphi with some Unconditional Love. Duphi is Tuschan Phillips from Freiburg. Another one who was a hip hop fan. And that comes through in the intricate percussion that provides the bedrock and backbone of the track. This grounded approach allows euphoric synths to soar. But without taking the track to weightless. A sawing set of strings provides a wonderful contrast. Life is about good and bad, happy and sad, love and loss. Unconditional love is what you’re seeking.

Finally, Nachtaktiv & Kühn. Not from Germany but Bern, Switzerland. Another with roots in the late 90s, Hang Flow is a fantastic example of that lazy sort of Austrian downtempo feel that K&D so brilliantly executed. Hang Flow is a nine minute track. Very long by modern standards. But not a moment to spare. This is a track of that ‘wasted’ sense of relaxation. Some dub, gamelan (?), didgeridoo and techno intensity give it an East meets West in a smokey den of iniquity feel. If you’ve been bad then head down to absolve yourself here.

Download for free on The Artist Union


~ by acidted on April 7, 2019.

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