Monday’s full of despair and drone with Trova, Electrons in Slow Motion, and Soularis #techno #ambient #drone #chill

It’s Monday. If that dawning realisation of the rat race restarting is upon you. Entrer a worls of drone depair with Trove, Electrons in Slow Motion nd Soularis.

Trova is from the USA and is clearly a busy person. The blurb says Trova is, “The Head & Creative Director of TMP Records LLC, Trovador/ Trubador Music Publishing LLC and Sister label It’s Viernes.” All sounds a bit workaholic. So, it’s not a surprise that the single Trono, “transports the listener to a place of despair.” That’s quite a claim. And happly not quite true. Yes, it’s a hissy, sound of the machines kind of track. But it also has a calm still minimal ambient centre amid the thunder and lightning. A droning sense of the viscosity of a pool of oil. The heady scent of hydrocarbons.

And fom Belgium comes Electrons in Slow Motion with the wonderfully drawn out drone of Nyonoksa. If that sounds a bit Russian you’d be right. Wiki says that, “Nyonoksa (Russian: Нёнокса) is a rural locality located at the coast of the Onega Bay of the White Sea (the Summer Coast) northwest of the city of Severodvinsk. In the vicinity of Nyonoksa there is also a rocket launching site of the Russian Navy with the same name.” The Cold War naval connections are  at the heart of the track which EISM says is about, “The exploration of a burnt-out Cold War complex that still automatically calculates probabilities of vengeance and creates random, artificial, earthquake lights.”

Leaving aside that almost apocalyptic context, the track itself has an intensity from the drone. But also a fragile beauty from the synths. And a pathos from the strings and fragments of percussion. A dreamlike whiteout of a tune. This is lovely.

From the album Ecstatic Technology

Last of the trio is Soularis from NYC in the USA. Tru-Man is a short track that has a deep ambient, rather than drone sense. Taken from the album Before And After it’s full of an orchestra’s worth of strings that act like massed choirs eternal. Everything is above the clouds. It reaches for a higher plan, a higher purpose or a higher being. Beats are entirely absent and this floats as substantial as a cloud at a distance and as disappearing close up. Float away with this track.

From the album Before And After

~ by acidted on April 8, 2019.

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  1. Acid plz post The Track On Your Blog Team cpt – Dilwar Birthday Shandis

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