Leftfield techno house from JPS and Nick AM #techno #house #deephouse #electronic #newmusic

A couple of techno tracks that don’t quite respect genres from JPS and Nick AM.

JPS (JensPatric Svensson) is from Gothenburg, Sweden but clearly wishes he was the other side of the Atlantic. There’s a heart here that yearns for Detroit which is given form on If I was in Chicago the Detroit be my Cargo. This is full of second wave Detroit techno. Twangy bass lines and lasers and phasers make an appearance. It’s a tension generating, time-stretching affair. He describes it as “Happy driving my car music!” but that cheapens what is a fantastic track that demands a proper sound system for full bass effect.

Next, Nick AM from Brooklyn, NYC who is having a lovelorn moment on Almond Eyes. He says it’s about the potential of love at first sight. And that “love can hit you like a car crash.” Before that traffic accident you get a chance to enjoy a track that takes a techno bass and some almost Burial-like garage beats alongside a gentle synth. This produces something that wanders happily along the techno and deep house borders. It’s a lovely affair, full of heart-stopping pauses and endorphine moments in the heart of the city.



~ by acidted on April 13, 2019.

One Response to “Leftfield techno house from JPS and Nick AM #techno #house #deephouse #electronic #newmusic”

  1. Loved these tracks, especially Almond Eyes. Thanks for sharing, Sir!

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