Wonky sunshine from Plexiheaven, Half Latency and Cardinal Roy #chill #idm #ambient #electronic #newmusic

It’s a long weekend in April and the sun is actually shining. How about that? Here are three tracks filled with wonky electronic sunshine from Plexiheaven, Half Latency and Cardinal Roy.

Plexiheaven returns with Tin. A bibbling and bobbling ambient IDM track. This floats along on ambient synths while awkwardly lovely percussion wanders alongside. A wilfully lofi track. Defiantly out of step with prevailing trends. Enjoying the pleasures of its own path. If everyone else is going one way why don’t you follow this track in a different electronic direction?



Next, Half Latency from Morocco. The track is Roulette from the White Revolver EP. A piano based ambient track that wants to offer you much, much more than a relaxing listen. This is a track filled with epic intentions. A bubbling, boiling caldron of suppressed emotion all packed into two and a half minutes. There’s a heroic tinge. A sense driven by the classical music and cinematic washes that we can be brave and beautiful, even if we don’t feel it.

White Revolver

And so to Cardinal Roy (Jeffrey Ng) from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and his track As She Spirals. This is a lovely lofi house and chill track. A wheezy, choral IDM awkward chill that incorporates train track harmonica with trip hop beats. Has the sense to get some sunny day head nodding going. If the sun’s shining where you are, play loud. And if the sun’s not shining play loud anyway and the sun might well appear.

~ by acidted on April 20, 2019.

One Response to “Wonky sunshine from Plexiheaven, Half Latency and Cardinal Roy #chill #idm #ambient #electronic #newmusic”

  1. thanks for the feature acid ted, much appreciated!

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