Sunshine and sunburnt necks with Wenchi Rue, Cispia and Ceé #chill #deephouse #house #electronic #newmusic

The sun continues to shine. So, here’s a triple set of tracks to ease the sting of sunburn from Wenchi Rue, Cispia and Ceé.

Wenchi Ru from Taiwan returns with Violet Autumn Feat. 少軍 (Shao Jun). My mother likes violet creams. I never liked them myself – too much like eating perfume. But this version of violet is definitely good enough to eat. A string laden chill track with a guitar sample used as rhythmic guitar. There are some jazzish beats and it’s full of sunshine and the smell of suncream. Go on, rub some of this track over your body.

The UK’s Cispia is another returner. The track is Houdini. Why this is so is not explained. It’s a lovely lush house track with a bit of Maribou State and even some more melodic Chemical Brothers. Five minutes of sunny synths and what sounds like a bit of kalimba. But what really makes this is the underlying bass and percussion. This achors the whole track and gives it a delightful dance floor appeal.

Finally, from Iran Ceé with Sun. A seasonally appropriate track to be sure. Some rich deep house with the throb of bass and a repeating synth refrain. It mixes light and dark elements beautifully. As Ceé explains “The cover art is the picture of a ”Lighting Hole” in dark old ”Dalons” of a Thousand year old ”Bazaar” in Iran, my country. Yes ,Sun Penetrates Through The Hole,And Washes off The Dark.” Come out of the darkness and drink up the sunshine with this lovely hazy, almost mystical, track.

~ by acidted on April 21, 2019.

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