All gone hazy with Osiris, Socket Shoes, and Emergency Oxygen #chill #idm #house #newmusic #triphop

After all the sun over the weekend a bit hazier today. So, let’s have some hazy chill tunes from Osiris, Socket Shoes, and Emergency Oxygen.

Let’s start with Egyptian god Osiris. Killed by his brother, he was god of the underworld and afterlife. But in this earthly incarnation he’s from the US and produces some lovely inventive trip hop. Familiar Tune is a string laden, lush, sixties influenced affair. There’s more than a little of The Avalanches in the backwards strings. The hip hop beats are skillfully on point and have a lightness of touch. Taken from a forthcoming album it samples Rena Scott’s If I Had a Chance. Perfect to accompany that early evening cocktail. Mine’s an Aperol.

Next, from St Helens in the north of Endland comes Socket Shoes (Steven Illidge). What are socket shoes? I’m at a loss. Meanwhile, the track is Pen Her In (Biro Mix). It’s a lovely mix of synth or synthwave allied with some IDM awkwardness. He describes his style as making “daft wee tunes.” That’s so wrong. There’s nothing daft or wilfully comedic about any of this. There’s a squelchy bass that underpins some almost epic cinematic synths giving this the feel of a widescape moorland. A delight.

Finally, from Japan (though in fact by Tokyo-based French producer Paul Romelot) comes the really cute Emergency Oxygen. He “aims to take you off from a fast-paced urban lifestyle.” The track is Bouncing Shadows. This mixes chill and abstract IDM in a way that keeps the humanity of robots. A little wheeziness and an underlying sense of fun with more than a little Lemon Jelly here. Synth scales rise and fall in a delicate romance with a primitive synth bass. This robo puppy of a tune wants to have its tummy tickled.

From the Emergency Oxygen EP

~ by acidted on April 22, 2019.

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